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siRiya thirumadal

From: Vijay Triplicane (
Date: Fri Mar 29 1996 - 09:32:30 PST

Thanks sri. Dileepan for providing a nice explanation to the siRiya
thirumadal. I had all along been thinking that the aazhwaar picks just
'kaamam' out of the three and totally missed that one achieves this kaamam
thro the other 2 purushaarthaas ( the order in which they are arranged is
significant, i suppose). 

The other view on 'seNnRu nNiNnRu aazhi thottaaNnai' is also interesting. 

why don't we continue writing  about such favourite lines from the thamizh maRai and
discuss to our hearts' content. This is interesting.Sri.. Badri, Varadhan,
Sampath, Dileepan, Sadagopan to name a few, would have read a lot to actively
discuss these intersting things. 


(Vijay Triplicane)