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A Correction

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Fri Mar 29 1996 - 05:47:24 PST

Dear Members: Sri Satish Bukkapatnam was 
kind enough to check on the correct 
number of a pasuram in my list
attributed to Sri Rama. I thank him
for this quick feedback.
The item is the Pasuram related to Thiruvallikeni.
The verse should be 2.3.7  instead of 2.3.8
My counting needs improvement .

Satish had another question on the two
chitrakootams and who is the presiding deity 
at Tillai Thiruchitrakootam. 

Sri Govindarajan is the presiding deity at 
the southern (Tillai ) Chitrakootam. In Kulasekhara"s
eyes, he appeared as Sri Rama. Kulasekhara as the
great Rama Bhaktha saw Rama everywhere. 

Utsavar is seated. Moolavar is in Sayanam pose.
Thirumangai"s pasurams on the Lord of this temple 
are infused with lilting dance steps, since this Ksethram
is known for dance(Nataraja ) . jatis are woven in Thirumangai"s
Pasurams. He describes the beauty of this Ksethram
to add to the Kulasekhara"s verses concentrating on 
Sampoorna Ramayanam. Thirumangai's describtions  of the Neeva 
river and the natural beauty of Tillai Thiruchitrakootam are beautiful

The northern Chitrakootam gets a lot of attention from Valmiki.
Here Rama had a very happy life with his beloved Sita .Lakshmana
built the parnasala for both of them and served them . The Rajopacharam of
Sita  covered by Saint Thygaraja took place here. It is the high point
of Rama"s Vana Vaasam at Chitrakootam.Sri Rama"s describtion of 
the beauties of Chitrakootam in canto 94 of Srimad Ramayanam are
beautiful . He gives Sita a graphic describtion of
the special features of the Chitrakootam. His describtion of the flora and fauna
of Chitrakootam and river Mandaakini  are simply beautiful . 
Sri Rama's life at Chitrakootam  on the banks of Mandaakini 
is a blessed story to remember .Here the Padhukas were given
to Bharatha. SARABHANGA Moksham takes place 
here.The poet says that Sri Rama lived at Chitrakootam 
like Kubera in his private garden.


Chitrakootam is considered superior to 
Meru and Himaya Malai . Hence the poet
Narayana Bhattadhiri salutes it as GIREENDRA:
The special status of Chitrakootam arises 
because of the residence of Rama with Sita 
and Lakshmana here . The vigraham of
Sri Rama with Jatai and Maravuri is seen
at Kazhiccheerama Vinnagram (Sirkazhi 
TaadaaLan ) divya desam in a  side sannadhi.
This vigraham is that of the Chitrakoota Nivasan.

Thanks Satish ,


My apologies for not being able to catch these
mistakes as I write fast during the late evenings.
Atleast I know, fellow  members are reading these
postings seriously and are  catching  these 
slips. I welcome it. 

Sri Ramaarpanam asthu.