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Re to Mr. Keshav Prasad's comments
Date: Thu Mar 28 1996 - 20:16:59 PST

I think Mr. Keshava Prasad has  made numerous rationalizations as well as
raised basic and thought provoking questions in connection with the recent
discussions on Thiruchhanoor temple and O my God. Most of the comments of Mr.
Prasad can be classified in to one of the three broad categories. 

1. To do or not to do something in defense of something(because we may not be
able to make an impact) 

2. To be or not to be something (because we may not be able to the full
extent as someone else or it may be unnecesssary)

3. To preserve or not to preserve something (because things are everchanging
and there may not be a need)

My opinion is answer to this may be found in Bhagavadgita starting from verse
11 of Chapter 2.  The biggest enemy is INDIFFERENTISM (reasoned and
calculated disregard). Unfortunately everyone is not that way.  Some are more
proactive than others. Right before our eyes (just an expression) Nagaland,
Manipur, Tripura, Meghalay have been converted to Christianity  and they are
already threatening the Hindus. Puri Shankaracharya was denied visit to one
of these places. He could  go as Tom, Dick and Harry not as a Hindu religious
Now we can rationalize what is wrong with it? After all Christianity is a
great religion as well. Where is the need for Puri Shankaracharya to go as a
religious leader when the place he is going is a Christian majority land?

My opinion is "Do what we can with what we have and wherever we are. A simple
good deed is superior to a grand intention". We can again argue what is a
good deed and what is not-who is to decide and so on. We can basically
question every so called established norm as well as rationalize  every
distortion or deviation. For eg., why should we write the alphabet  A in a
particular way?

In life for most things there is no clear answer. More we learn, better we
can rationalize and adjust to lead a normal human life under any
circumstances. Thus, many  great elevated souls, basically bitrayed the very
system that help propell them to an elevated level. This is the state of
affairs, especially so in India. 

Now other issues in Mr. Keshava Prasad's posting:  
Open and honest discussion: I totally agree, we should encourage that and not
discourage it. 
About passing on that something to next generation:
We can try. No guarantees. If we give it up, there is a greater chance that
it won't happen. 
A person who thinks it can be done and a person who thinks it can not be
done- both will strive hard to prove their point!

K. Sreekrishna (Tatachar)