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garudOthsavam - ThirunaRaiyoor

From: Vijay Triplicane (
Date: Thu Mar 28 1996 - 15:57:02 PST

Sri. Sampath's personal experience at the ThirunaRaiyoor kal garudOthsavam
made me feel so bad that i very narrowly missed this spectacular, moving
event. one needs to be thoroughly blessed by HIM to be a part of these
spiritual experiences. Thanks to Sri. Sampath for splendidly bringing the event 
in front of our eyes. 

Is there any other kshEthram where a stone idol is used during the uthsavam?
This seems to be very unique. 

Thinking of pakshi raajan this paasuram just flashed my mind.
In ThirumaNGgai aazhwaar's periya thirumozhi on our ThirvallikkENi , one of
the paasurams is about the varadharajar perumaaL at the same temple. 

meenamar poygai nNaaNmalar koyvaan
 vEtkaiyi NnOdusen RizhinNdha,
 kaanamar vEzham kaiyeduth thalaRak
  karaavadhan kaalinaik kadhuva,
  aanaiyin thuyaram theerappuL LoornNdhu
   senRunNin Raazhithot taanai,
   thEnamar sOlai maadamaa mayilaith
    thiruvallik kENikkaN dEnE. (2)     2.3.9

     The beauty of the paasuram is augmented by this verse
     'aanaiyin thuyaram theerap puLLoornNdhu seNnRu nNiNnRu aazhi

     The aazhwaar doesn't even tell that He killed the crocodile with His
     aazhi. HE just touched the aazhi, thats it. No more elaborations! It
     conveys a lot of stuff than by explaining verbatim, the quick response
     for the elephant's request for help, the nearly atomic performance of
     three separate acts,which is very well portrayed- senRu, nNiNnRu, aazhi
     thottaaNnai. He reached, stopped, just touched the aazhi.....

     Aren't we blessed to have an opportunity to atleast read these
     beautiful paasurams and enjoy.. It is indeed wonderful to chant /
     listen to the rythmic chanting of these verses in front of HIM. 
     we are all missing so many things back home.


     (Vijay Triplicane)

     ps: i feel kinda happy when people here address me as Mr. Triplicane. I
     indirectly give them the opportunity to say the Dhivya dhEsam's