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Sri Rama Navami
Date: Thu Mar 28 1996 - 19:31:01 PST

On this auspicious occasion of Sri Rama Navami, when I think of those
times how I have been protected from problems that seem
insurmountable, how these problems themselves seem insignificant when
I see the problems others have had to face (working with death claims
etc in pension benefits),  I wish to thank the Lord who said
"Sakredeva PrapannAya tavAsmiti cha yachate I
 Abhayam Sarvabhutebhyo dadAmyetat vratam mama II"

For one who surrenders to me and says I am yours, it is my vow to
protect him (no questions being asked about his past).

especially since I have seen this protection inspite of just saying
"Iam yours" and not really acting upon it all the time.

Sri Sita Rama Thiruvadigalai saranam.