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A note of Reference for Pakshi Raaja Mahaatmiyam

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Thu Mar 28 1996 - 09:32:11 PST

The Garuda Mahaatmiyam (the two varNaNais, most of part 2A and full of part 2B)
as a part of Thiru NaRaiyoor temple thala puraaNam, was the concise and literal
translation of "sanskrit - tamil - english" of Swami Desikan's Garuda
Panchaasath. I have been translating and writing and typing this for the last 1
month whenever I find some time and where ever I go either at home or
play-place (sometimes even in "Discovery Zone" where my son goes to play and I
accompany him), so that it could be presented for to-day the "kal garuda
sErvai", as I did. The three parts that couldnot be completed due to lack of
time are

1. Sarpa Naasana VarNaNai
2. AlaNkaara varNaNai
3. Athputha VarNaNai

I hope some day, I will present them as well with reference to other Garuda
sErvais of importance among the 108 DD's.

Pakshi Raajan thiruvadikaLE saraNam
Swami Desikan ThiruvadikaLE saraNam
Sampath Rengarajan