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Thiru NaRaiyoor - Sri Pakshi Raajan - Amruthaaharana varNanai - Part 2B

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Thu Mar 28 1996 - 06:25:05 PST

Amruthaaharana varNanai

He stole and abducted the amirtham from the unreachable castle of
Indra.  When Indra with devaas opposed him, he won them with his shear
physical strength. Lord Vishnu on seeing this might (he didnot use
amirtham  for his own and instead wanted to use it for rescuing his
mother) gave him many boons. Such Garudan who is the son of vinathai
who is the daughter of thkshan should bless us.

When Garudan came to attack, devaas surrundered to agni. As he
approached , agni lost his prakaasam and on seeing this devaas went to
garudaa himself. Thus he condoned them with mercy and lightened his
thEjas and broke open the aNdam and came out. Such garudan should
lessen the burdens of our samsaaram.

He performed childish pranks inside the BramhaaNda paaNdam. Hills were
grounded to powder with his flocking of feathers. Great seas agitated.
The Chain of stars and comets were disconnected.  DevalOkaas were
crushed. Since there was no more match to feed this paraakramam and
vaibavam his gathaa nails merely clawed nothing. Such claws remove our
sramams or troubles.

Vinathai lost her bet with kathru and became a slave. To seek her
release amirtham was sought and Vaina theyan started out to get it.
Vinathai sent him with sharp advises which served him a his weapons.
She blessed him and such blessings became his army. His good behavior
became his Guard or kavasam. The vedar sEri enroute became his food.
Thus the Garudan who set out so jopyously should remove our sins.

Since he flocked often, the entire sky was echoing like the sound of
thooriya vaathyam. The waves in the sea agitated due to this and
sounded like the thunder. It looked like the disai or direction who
as kaNNIgaas sprayed the stars like a holy confeti. Thus the Garudan who
set out for dEva lOgam must crush our fears of NaraGam.

The velocity of the air that was pounded by his flocking rolled up the
circle of stars and crashed the flattened sun and moon and swam across
the sea of horizon, and threw all the balls of clouds and played the
padahaa instrument using the paadaalam and many many such flocking
should save us always.

Garudan entered vedasEri quickly. Has the sun got uprooted from his
position ? or the padamuga agni is burning ? or the meru mountain is
tumbling down ?  Oh ! It is visible now. Garudan is flying towards us.
Oh no he is coming closer rapidly. Oh my, he is swallowing us. All the
vedars went in his stomach and fell crying "what can we do ?" and
filled his stomach. Such pakshikkum ie eating "pakshi raajan (who will
eat in such away) should protect us.

A brahmin who  by mistake fell on his mouth was spilled out by him.
such veda sEri paaraNai should remove all the causes of our samsaaram.
Such victory shook the devaas, earth and sea. Such incident should
remove the darkness in the minds of those who meditate on him.

For along time a turtle and elephant were fighting among. Garudan
lifted both of them using his nails and sat on the tree. The tree
broke.  He jumped to the hill. The Hill grounded. Then he ate them and
they still continued fighting as they went into his mouth. He swallowed
them live.  SUch Garudan should rescue us from all amangaLam.

Periathiruvadi thiru pakshi raajan thiruvadikale saraNam
Sampath Rengarajan