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Thiru Naraiyoor - Pakshi Raajan - Prathyooha VarNanai - Part 2A

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Thu Mar 28 1996 - 06:19:33 PST

naachiyaar kOil kal garuda sErvai
thoovaaya puLLoornthu vanthu thuRaivEzham
moovaamai nalki muthalai thuNiththaanai
thEvaathi thEvanaich chengamalak kaNNaanai
naavaay uLaaNai naRaiyooril kaNdEnE
	Thirumangai Periya thiru mozhi 8-5-3

 HE came rushing to the rescue of the elephant (gajEndra aazhwaar) on his
carrier who is the most purified and is the Garudan (puL) and killed the
muthalai or crocodile and relieved the elephant and offered mOksham to him.
Such Lord of Lords who has the eyes equivalent to the the red cheNgamala
flower, and the Lord who is  also expanded in four other forms in this
universe, (vyuukam here), I see HIM in thiru NaRaiyoor. \

Prathyooha VarNanai:

He is the carrier for Lord Vishnu. His flocking is the sound of vEdas.
He is the deva swaroopini. One would simply understand the
vedaaththangaL if they meditate on him.  By understanding so one can
also master the Sankarshana vidyay that will lead to self realisation
of para thathtuvam.

His eyes are kaayathram.
His Head is thrivruth
His name is yajus
His Ankaas are santhass
His nails thishNyangaL
His Body is vaamadEvyam
His aathmaa is sthOmam
His wings are bruhath
His tail is the vEda

The difference between the Lord Emperumaan and Sri Garudan are known
only between themselves, Truly speaking the bakthaas say they are the
same. One will carry the other ,and the other will give the boon to
carry HIM to him only. One will be the carrier and the other one will
go and win the asuraas.  All the elders do dyaanam of HIM in his
shoulders, these are all the secrets of their association. (Please note
that the advanced soul worships Lord Vishnu on Sri Garudan and
surrounded by the twele aazwaars at the time of their flight to
SriVaikuNdam). Such GArudan should bless us the brhama saamyam.

He is one of the uncomparable in this universe.
He is second comapanion to Lord Vishnu
Only three to four people know him well enough.
He is the secret of the five letters.
He is the one with all the six gunaas.
He is the one with seven swaras of vedamayam
He will bless devotees with all the eight sidhdhis.
He is the ninth or navamaanavan ie.. nouvel ie new.
He targets the enemies of Indra who has 1000 eyes (Indra has), and flies  with
crore (ie 10 Million) feathers. Thus he crossed the bearier or the limits of
counts or numbers (sankyay). He will clear our fears.

He has five vyuukaa moorthies such as "sathyan" who is the most
prominent of the "saathvathi  samhithai". He is one who cures those who
are poisoned by the samsaaram. He is the devathaa or the Lord for the
life supporting pancha praaNaas. The one who is preached by upaNishads
as "panchaathmaa panchathaa" and such Garudan should make us feel

The only two who has the vedic constitution are the AdisEshan and
Garudan. Such vedic Body of adisEshan that is also common to him ,
Garudan has his body, face, arms, thighs, feet, and other parts
radiates with several colors (of which white as Brahmana and red as
shathriyaa) and being the prevading devathaa of the praanaa, he confirms
that he possesses the brahma saamyam. Let such Garudan come to our
rescue when we are in need.

Garudan always stands in front of the Lord facing HIM like a mirror.
The kaustubaa mani of the Lord that is previleaged to find its place in
Emperumaan's chest reflects Garudan's figure similar to a shadow.
There is a concept for that. When paark kadal was churned kaalakooda
poison also emerged with Kaustuba maNi. Since the Mani was worried if a
droplet or trace of a posion is spilled on it, and so as a parikaaram
or cure, it always bears the shadow or reflects the thiruvuruvam of
Garudan.  Let Such Garudan's shadow save us from the poisons of the
samsaaram in a similar way.

vainathEyan thiru pakshi raajan thiruvadikale saraNam
Sampath Rengarajan