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siRiya thirumadal..

From: Vijay Triplicane (
Date: Wed Mar 27 1996 - 15:55:42 PST

Sri. Varadhan wrote..
-------------------------------START QUOTE-------------------------------
'aaraarivaRRinitaiyadhanai eidhuvaar
 cheeraar irukalayum eithuvar '

 Here aazhwaar says that kaaman is the one that has the most 'sirappu'
 among the three purushaarthaas. (My understanding is that 'kaamam' here is
 bhagavath vishaya kaamam) Those who have attained this purushaarthaa will
 have had attained the other two purushaarthaas.

---------------------------------END QUOTE---------------------------------

I still fail to understand where exactly does the aazhwaar specify that
'kaamam' is the best of the purushaarthaas by attaining which we get the
other two too. As Sri. Badri had pointed out, in "ivaRRin idai adhanai
eythuvar" if 'idai' means among the three, which could very well be true,
this question of where does he point out that kaamam is the best comes up
even more strongly.  I think i still miss something. 
As you reach the end of the phrase, aazhvaar includes
all three.

Sri. Dileepan wrote...
---------------------------START QUOTE-------------------------------
   ivaRRinidai adhanai = the last among these, i.e. inbam
      araar ...

	 seeraar irukalaiyum eydhuvaar = they will have the other
					    two as well, for there is
					     no "inbam" in the absence of
					       "aRam" and "poruL"
-----------------------------END QUOTE-----------------------------------

where does he say "Last among these" (if at all we go along those lines,
isn't 'kadai' = Last?). 

Can anybody explain even if it is some silly stuff that i miss.


(Vijay Triplicane)