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New member intro

From: Sridhar Gopal (
Date: Wed Mar 27 1996 - 08:37:59 PST

Dear Vasudeva bhaktas,

I have been receiving the bhakti-digest since last month, thanks to Sri Mani.
Thanks to everyone on the list for writing such enlightening articles.  Read
no further if you get bored with newbie introductions.

I did my schooling at Sri Ahobila Matt Higher Secondary School, Mambalam.
Then, I used to learn Swami Desikan's slokas and sookthas.  But once I left
the school, I gave primary importance to academia and least of all importance
to religious activities. My rationalization was: since a student's karma is
to pursue education to the best efforts possible, any interests in religious
learning/activities would result in diversions affecting performance in
academia.  This led to distancing myself farther from the religion and
learning Acharya's vedantaas about the Eternal Being.  I remained so until I
saw the Vaishnavism home page and understood how one can pursue multiple
interests with one aiding the other rather than affecting others.