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RE: Hamsa Sandesha
Date: Tue Mar 26 1996 - 18:56:29 PST

Mr. sadagopan said:
>>>>Hamsa Sandesam is what is known as a

Sandesa Kavyam. This Kavyam follows the 

style of AandaaL and Nammazhwar,...... .  
 In more recent times,

Poet Kalidasa Composed Megha Sandesam ,

where he asks the hurrying clouds to take a 

message to his beloved one in the Northern 

region. <<<<<<<

This implies that Kalidasa's time is after that of Nammalvar and Andal. I
think Kalidasa's time is 400-500  AD or earlier. Andal's time is 800  AD or
later. Nammalvar's time is supposedly 600-700 AD. I do realize that
traditional time of Alvars is Dvaparam(3100 BC and earlier), and early Kali
Yugam; which makes them thousands of years before Kalidasa.

-K. Sreekrishna (Tatachar)