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Introducing myself

From: MG Sriram (
Date: Tue Mar 26 1996 - 10:12:48 PST

Dear members of the Bhakti mailing list.

Thank you for letting me join. I am frankly amazed at the depth of
scholarship that I have seen here. I know very little, but I am very
interested in learning about Sri Ramanuja  and his teachings.

To introduce myself, I am MG Sriram. I am from Bangalore (Malleswaram) and
am currently working as a "Senior Consultant" at a small company in
downtown San Francisco. My interests include classical music: Western,
Carnatic, and Hindustani. Of late, it's the last two which have drawn me
most, mostly because  they convey so much bhakti. In carnatic, I am
especially fond of the compositions of Annamacharya,  Muthuswamy
Dikshithar, and Syama Sastri.

Another current interest is to learn more about the lives of our great
people, including the Aazhvaars, the composers, and of course, Sri

With best wishes to all.