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From: Soundar Kumara (
Date: Sun Mar 24 1996 - 14:50:59 PST

Dear members,
My name has been added to the list by Mr. Mani. Though my knowledge
of the matters discussed in this group is elementary, I am an 
interested and curious participant.
Regarding myself, I make a living by being a faculty member at
Penn State in the department of industrial and manufacturing
engineering. You can access my homepage at

I have a question for the members of this group on women and religion.
There is lot of discussion on women and their status in different 
major religions. There are already female priests in some denominations
of christianity and female rabbis. Can you identify some sources dealing
with this question in Hinduism? Are there any specific recommendations
and discussions on this question. I am amazed and impressed at the 
insights some of the members have in this group and have learnt a lot
by being a silent bystander. I am sure you will have some insights
into my current question.

Thanks and May your God go with you.
Soundar Kumara