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Re: bhakti-digest V2 #16

From: krish (
Date: Fri Mar 22 1996 - 05:33:44 PST

The comments of Sunder and Vijay are thought provoking.
Thank you both for understanding my frame of mind.
I have always been touched by the Snaskrit Stotras
and Tamil malais. Their sonorous tone does captivate
one into meditation. Most of them use this aspect. 
The Suprbhatham is a good example, starting with a slow pace,
by the time one arrives at Kamala-cucuchacho, your mind
races with the music and you are left with concentration
of the music and forget mundane concerns. The vedas
ar the same. But as one tries to translate them,
I seem to miss the charm.
Our attributes to our Lord are mostly of physical
prowess Suppose the field of science had reached its
height then, would we associated him as super 
mathematician or a biologist?
I think :detachment" is a great answer, but it probably
comes as one grows older and has reduced responsibilities
to family or society. Shankara puts it nicely in
BajaGovindam: Balah thavath Kreedsakthha,
Krishna Praba