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Sri Vaikundam - Final Destination Part 5 - "Periya Perumaal meyp pathankaLE naduvOm"

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Thu Mar 21 1996 - 10:13:11 PST

Everything that is attributed to this Lord of Arangan are Big or Large or

This is the "periya" kOil.

This is the perumaal worshipped by perumaal Sri Raamar and so he is known as
"periya" perumaal.

This is a very big temple in size, and so it is "periya" kOil.

The garudan here is very huge and is konwn as "periya" thiruvadi.

The jeer who is here is known as "periya jeer".

The most popular and well known and the one who has provided the "maximum
vyaakyaanam" and the one who is known as the incarnation of thiruk kaNNapurap
perumaal and the one who lived here and served the Lord with his mentor
nampillai is also known as "Periya" vaachchaan pillai.

The other acharyaar who also served HIM as his nambi is known as "periya"

The thaayaar is knonwn as "periya" piraatti.

The thaLigai that is offerred to Arangan is known as "Periya" avasaram.

The band that plays here is known as "periya" mElam.

The sweets that are made and offered to Arangan are known as "Periya" thirup

Having brought up aaNdaal and having got her wedded to Arangan the aazhwaar who
is the father in law of this Lord is known as "periya" aazhwaar.

 The two great rivers of Thamizh country are kaveri and koLLidam, and are knonw
as "periya" nathigaL.

Of all the mangala saasanams, this temple has the maximum in terms of both the
number ofd aazwaars and number of paasurams ie 11 aazhwaars, in 247 paasurams.
and so is known as periya mangaLaa saasana mudaiyaan.

Since he is the Lord even prior to thrEthaa yugam as he was sought by
itchuvaaku from Brahma  as a boon, HE is the only one who was researched and
prayed for very very long since then and hence such aayvu or seeking is known
as "periya aayvu".

Such perumaal is residing with us in booLogam is "periya" vishayam.

In Sri Ranga raaja sthuvam, Sri Battar, praised hi thiru naamam as
"ranga parththurabi lOsana sarchchaam
saahasaavalishoo lEkayamaanam
pushpahaasa ithi naama thuhaanam
sowkumaarya mathi vaaNG masam na".

Since it is such a rare periya kshEthram, for a change, I would like to quote
from the puNNiyaathmaas of the other faiths also namely, thiru iLangOvadikaL in
silap pathi kaaram.

neela mEkam nedum poRkunRaththup
paal virinthu akalaathu padinthathu pOla
aayiram viriththeazhu thlaiyudai arunthiRaR
paayR paLLip palar thozhu thEththa
viri thiraik kaaviri viyan perunthuruththi
thiruva maarban kidantha vaNNam

The kauvri river that has wide waves and very large flow of water, envelops
the one who has the chest where thirumagaL relishes living, and the one who is
blue in his niram or complexion, the one who is having a sleeping bed which is
the special 1000 headed snake adisEshan, and that such kaatchi or scene is
having a paaNmai or thiram similar to a blue colored cloud, that hover over
a golden mountain.

The Lord of Arangan has such a "periya" karuNai ithayam that he yielded thiru
iLangovadikaL such that thiru IlangovadikaL also to praised HIM.

Periya perumaaL meyp pathangaLe saraNam
Sampath Rengarajan