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queries and suggestions

From: krish (
Date: Wed Mar 20 1996 - 07:25:42 PST

two topics today:
1. Regarding Acharams and beliefs, the replies were 
 Ocean-crossing was justified because Rama did it or
 flying does not pollute. But I am sure there are still
 a number of SriVaishanvites who do not excuse it. So
 one can say we are enlightened to discard such notions.
 The reason for our enlightenment or justification is
 that we have done it.
 Similarly we have handled the Vadagali Thengalai
 sampradayams and scorn at the people who took the matter
 to the privy council when the British ruled the land.
 Hence is there not a reason to question all our 
 sampradayams? What we accept and reject depends on
 our own actions. Sometimes one does regret and asks
 for prayas-chittam. If I compare it to dispensions in
 the Catholic church some of you may be offended. Martin
 Luther rebelled and many of the Tenali Rama stories 
 are of the same class. Kapilar was another who wrote
 critcal poems on such matters. Personally, I have 
 rejected many of them, may be my mistake. But my
 life would be miserable if reject and confess and
 get prayas-chittam for all of them or accept my
 way of life as the most rational. I have chosen the
 This does not in anyway remove my desire to learn
 about my forefathers.
2. The above is a digression from my main suggestion.
 I am quite impressed and my at the level of scholarship
 and knowlege of Vaishanvism discussed here. Inmany
 ways, some of you may qualify to be Acharyas. I feel 
 that a positive contribution can be made if a good
 introductory text that is stimulating to our kids can be 
 written. I suggest that you look at the style of the
 two books I have come across.
 i.  Philosophy for beginners by Richard Osborne.
   It is a cartoon type book, tracing the growth of
   the Western Philosophy from the Greeks to the 
   present. It is enjoyable to read and stimulates one
   to look up more.
 ii. Introduction to Hinduism by Hermann
   What is impressive is that each chapter ends with
   a short summary table: Goal, Purpose and Method,
   as he discusses Gyana, Karma and Bhakti Margas,
   using Raman, Ghandhi and BhaktiVedantha Swami
   as the practioners.
 An intersetin book on theslines on the Alwars may
 stimulate a novice to look for more. Both the books 
 are in Paperback and probably available in local
 libraries or can be browsed thru at Borders or
 Barnes and Noble.
With apologies, if I cause any misunderstanding,

Krishna Praba