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Sri Varadhan"s posting on Siriya Thirumadal

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Wed Mar 20 1996 - 05:18:07 PST

Dear Members of the Prapatti group:

The reason for my suggestion to Sri Varadhan to
post the request for a further study of the Nindha Stuthi aspects 
of Kaliyan"s mindset in Siriya Thirumadal was to open up
the discussions to a lot of  members, who have a very 
good knowledge of Divya Prabhandam. This way, instead of myself 
alone commenting from the base of my  limited  understanding ,
 the process of wider involvement will be very educational for all of us .

 This type of study of our source literature is also one of the main objectives
of the Bhakthi/Prapatti group. Inputs from Knowledgable scholars
like Sri Anbil Ramaswamy , who has studied the Bhagavat Vishayam 
under the Jeeyar and other scholars would be particularly welcome.

The exchanges of postings during the past few days have made it clear to
me that there is a lot that unites us and we can have a rich set of dialog 
on Sri Vaishnavism throught he process of learning from each other.

On this first day of Spring, let me  extend my greeetings to all the members of
this talented  and devoted group . May we be blessed with Divya Dampathi"s 
anugraham to accentuate the positive and help us to keep up a rich 
dialog with due regards for different points of view .