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constructive debates - welcome!!!

From: Vijay Triplicane (
Date: Tue Mar 19 1996 - 12:42:28 PST

	As Sri Ramdas and Badri had pointed out, we have to be open to accept
	the facts however hard it is. A fact is a fact and especially if
	quoted with proper reference then it becomes a stronger statement.
	There is no doubt abt that. Regarding the posting about Lord Shiva's
	attributes and that of the shaivite priests, the author could very
	well be legally as well as theoretically correct. As badri said,
	Iraamaanusa noorrandhaadhi , thirumaalai have many belittling
	references to buddhists, Jains and shaivites. ThirumaNGgai mannan
	for that matter has physically done so many such things. He stole a
	big golden buddha statue and melted it for building the golden
	vimaanam of some temple( srirangam?) and likewise buddhists, jains
	and shaivites have done such things ( one chola king went on
	destroying all the vishnu temples down to earth in an attempt to put
	an end to vaishnavism) .......

	There was such an established animosity between vaishnavites and
	shaivites during that time. This was mostly emotionally influenced.
	whereas the difference of opinions between visishtaadvaitins and
	advaitins were more of a debate, and was more logically influenced.
	Though our reverred aazhwaars have made such remarks on other sects,
	we should consider it to be a contemporary effect and stop with
	that. There is nothing we achieve by quoting them time and again
	just because they exist.  There are so much of really useful stuff
	from the same aazhwaars that we can quote and discuss.

	My point is a healthier debate is always welcome for this group. we
	have been doing lots of such things. We learned a lot about
	Thengalai - vadagalai, visishtaadvatam-advaitam due to these debates
	and most of them were very constructive in that it had an objective
	to better understand and not an iota to belittle somebody. In this
	context if we look at the "Oh GOD" article that was posted, it may
	be true with appropriate references and everything. But in order to
	establish the parathvam of sriman naaraayaNan, especially in this
	present social setup, we dont have to quote those refences which
	belittle the shaivite priests.etc.. I think this is what sundar (?)

	Let this forum of some learned scholars and a lot of eager to learn
	listeners be open to constructive debates which is definitely the
	best way to learn and actually understand the things. If we look at
	the history of SCI/SCT... it all started with an intention of
	providing a platform for such constructive interaction. But now most
	of the interactions are too personal, they call names and shout like
	hell for some silly stuff ( there are still some good postings which
	keep the net alive, which i cant deny though). 

	 (Vijay Triplicane)