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From: M. Lakshmi narayanan (
Date: Sat Mar 16 1996 - 14:48:45 PST

Dear friends 

This has reference to the fewarticles recently mailed in our group. 

It will be wise and nice if the discussion group finds the practical ways 
so as to live a peaceful life, dwelling in the the thoughts of our 
beloved friend,( Sri Krishna Paramathma has come forward to be a friend, 
to all of us - Arjuna representing the people ). 

Rather than comparing and contrasting leading to side tracks,
we can try to follow what AzhvArgal  have told and discuss, how the 
spiritual practice helps in day to day life, so that the practical
experiences can help everyone.  

It is to be recalled, from Maha Bharatham, that the classification of
people based on the occupation, does not say to discriminate the people
based on castes on its reverse sense.  
The essence here is, as Yuthistra (the Dharma Raja) says, a Brahmin is the 
one who is a  DISCIPLINED person !.
So, it is essential to be a DISCIPLINED PERSON and then to show the 
practical ways of the spiritual practices to every one (!)  to be a 
And be a model for DISCIPLINED human being, than being identified  by the 
name of castes.
After all, all the human beings are the children of HIM.
(Some one may say that the, only the spiritual practitioner will be 
dearer and nearer to HIM.  Of course, the child may seem to be away from 
HIM.  But he never keeps away from  any one). 
Awake!  Let us be DISCIPLINED children in this new/old, but, real sense.

Practical example: (at Kalpakkam)

(A vedic teacher, a couple of years back told to us a group of students
attending a series of lectures, that he is planning to call every one
after completion of secondary school education and train them.) 
We will also start with our practical ways.

(May be all  the members ofthe discussion might be practising the
nithyanustanam in a systematic way).
We will fix some things. Apart from our daily routines shall we do the 

1.  At a fixed time, say between 6:00 - XXX and 18:00 - YYY 
    we will study the spiritual books, do kirtans, do nama japas

    (FIX X and Y, where XXX .ne. 6:00 and    

2.  During rest of the day, whenever we find time(all the time-with
    Krishnarpanam), we will think about him, seeking his guidance to 
    our(the entire world) life in the world.

3.  Also fix some time-"fixed time"-adjacent to XXX and YYY to simply sit 
    down and write down whatever ideas we get.

We can discuss the  our experiences, ideas blossomed by means of the 
spiritual practises, so that every one can follow the best ways. 
Whenever our friends send an article based on their experiences,
kindly send a copy of it to me to the following address.


M. Lakshmi Narayanan