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Re: bhakti-digest V1 #62 : Crossing the ocean.

From: Srinivasan Iyengar S3 Inc (
Date: Fri Mar 15 1996 - 10:08:11 PST

Sri Kaushik posted two reasons for not crossing the ocean. I
think there still remains the problem of tending to the 
four fires. This is a reason that the Ocean was not crossed.

One may say this is not a problem today for the reason that
not many in India - not to speak of America - perform this
nitya anushtaanam. Point is no Poorvaachaarya has recommended
that we stop this anushtaanam. It is as essential as the

Now are we not bending injunctions from the ancients to suit
our convenience? Perhaps a result of the times we live in, the
lack of space/facilities/time to perform this ritual? 

If the answer to the above is "Yes" ( and I don't know - perhaps
one of the learned ones in this net can help remove my ignorance )
to what extent can this liberty be taken and who sets that limit?
Who then can be accused of calling the injunctions of the ancients
as outmoded since everyone - accuser and the accused - are taking
liberties with them. The difference in degree is immaterial.

And in the time I took to write this argumentative piece I could
have chanted the Gaayatri Raamaayanam thrice. It would have brought
to memory the shining one - Chakkaravarthi Tirumahan - and cleansed me
of the dross accumulated through innumerable births.

Harer naam Harer naam Harer naamaiva kevalam
Kalau naastyaiva naastyaiva naastyaiva gatiranyathaah.

I cannot sign off as a Daasan. Only Raama knows if I am
even eligible to be one.