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Reco for Admission to Sri VaikuNdam

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Thu Mar 14 1996 - 05:07:27 PST

We have debated on our quest for Logical solutions and some "unknown"
(eventually logic may be  applied for finding his identity also if it is worth
doing so) person even charecterised our poorvaachaaryaaLs work as outmoded.
While we will all pray to the Lord for forgiveness for such bagwath apachaarams
on behalf of everyone of this net, it is also suitable at this time to know
what a poorvaachaaryaa can offer us . I was  browsing the achaarya vaibavams of
Sri Nampillai. He is also known as kalikanRi and is born on kaarthigai
krithigai. There was an article by me sometime back on the popular belief of
Sri Nampillai's and Sri Periya vaachchaan pillai's avathaarams titled as
"Thirumangaiyin aruLich cheyalum Sowri Raajap Perumaalin avathaara cheyaLum".
This article may give those hints sought by rationalists of this group as to
what is going to be told.

Sri Nampillai's thiru maaligai was very small in Srirangam. Adjascent to this,
there was a house of a SriVaishnava lady who worshipped Nampillai's
thiruvadikaL as the achaaryaaL's thirup paatham. One day one of the
Srivaishnava who is a disciple of Sri Nampillai asked the lady, " Our
achaaryaan's thirumaaligai is insufficently small. You may want to offer your
house to the achaaryaa (ie samarpiththuvidum.)". The Lady replied, "who will
have have an inch of a land in kOil (kOil is the popular term for Sri rangam)?
Until I attain bagwaan's thirup paatham I cannot give this palce to anyone".
Sri Nampillai has many disciples who were doing "kaalakshEbam" with him. Some
of the "anEka vithvath chrEshtarkaL"  are, "periya vaachchaan pillai, vadakkuth
thiruveethip pillai, perumal jeer, eeyuNNi maathavap perumal and others. On one
of the occassion this disciple mentioned to Sri Nampillai about the neighbour.
Sri Nampillai asked that lady, "You need a place for one person, You see there
are so many here, doing kaalakshEbam and are having difficulty for want of
sufficient place. Hence I reqest you to consider giving your surplus place for
them". The Lady replied
"I will do so. But thEvareer should allot a place for me in Sri VaikuNdam".
AchaaryaaL said "there, only SRi VaikuNdanaathan can give a place. However I
will request HIM to give you a place there". The lady replied, 'Swami, adiyEn
saathu ie innocent, and that too a lady, So it is not enough if you simply say
that you will request, I request you to give it to me in writing". Swami was
surprised to see the resolve of this lady as she wants to make sure that she
will attain it ! "Such and Such year, month and date thiruk kaLikanRi thaasan
thiruparamapathaththil oru idaththai ezhuthik koduththaan ie Thiruk kalikanRi
thaasan is awarding a place in Sri Viakundam for this lady on such and such
year month and date. The all prevading jagath swamy and asmath swamy, the Sri
Vaikundanaathan must bless this Lady with such a place in SriVaikundam" and he
signed that decree and sealed and gave it to her.

The lady took that reco and was satisfied and gave the place to achaaryaaL. All
the anthEvaasikaL were astonished by both the resolve of this lady and also the
fact that "even the ubaya viboothi is as per the order of our ahcaaryaan".
Please note that if Our ahcaaryaaLS offer prapaththi to us, it is like a letter
of intent and is equivalent to a confirmed "seat" in SriVaikundam.

Thiruk kalaikanRi Nampillai thiruvadikaLe saraNam
Thiru amalanaathipiraan thiruvadikaLe saraNam.
Sri Sri RAnganaayaki SamEthara Sri Ranganaatha Swamy thiru vadikaLe saraNam

Sampath Rengarajan