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Re: The "real" Ramanuja (excerpts from Sri Bhasya)
Date: Wed Mar 13 1996 - 17:54:23 PST

   (Even the torments of hell miraculously turn into
    pleasurable heaven for those who are in earshot of
    the conversation between Yama and Mudkalan that
    includes our Lord's names.  I worry for those who
    can't find it in themselves to praise Sri Rangam
    the abode of this great Lord.)

    But I think our Lord would never let anyone who
    has attained the state of seeing Him even in hell
    to langush in it even for a fraction of a second.

-- pd

Yudhishthira visited hell not because he was punished for wrong
doing, but to give relief to the other residents of hell who had
prayed for help.   Sriman Narayana goes to any loka in the form of
His pure devotees in order to help baddha jivatmas get out of
Samsara.  Similarly His pure devotees take birth on earth as Acharyas
to help us get Moksha.