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Iraamanusa nooRRandhaadhi 104-107.

From: Thirumalai Anandanpillai (
Date: Tue Mar 12 1996 - 17:28:48 PST

 >    (Even the torments of hell miraculously turn into
>     pleasurable heaven for those who are in earshot of
>     the conversation between Yama and Mudkalan that
>     includes our Lord's names.  I worry for those who
>     can't find it in themselves to praise Sri Rangam
>     the abode of this great Lord.)
While reading the above post of Sri Dileepan and that of
 Mani , I am reminded of Iramaanusa Noorandhaadhi (IRN) 
104 where Thiruvarangaththamudhanaar (TVA) 
goes to the extent of saying that even paramapadam will be painful to
him unless he is able to see the thirumEni of our beloved Emperumaanaar 
(Ramanujar). The corresponding lines of IRN-104 are

  'nirayath thoyyil kitakkilum chOthiviN chErilum ivvaruL^nee
	cheyyil tharippan'
 History says that many people questioned TVA after the above paasuram in 
 which he describes heaven as painful as to what his preferred place was.
 IRN-105 addresses that. TVA says

 'iraama Nnuchanaith thozumperiyOr 
        ezunthiraith thaatum itamati yEnuk kiruppitamE'

( The place where I would like to be is the place where learned people
  who worship Raamanuja celebrate him (Raamanuja) ; the actual breakup
  - iraamanusanaith thozum periyOr ezunthu iraithaadum idam adiyEnukku

The next paasuram is probably the most known of all the paasurams in IRN - 

' iruppitam vaikuntham vEngatam maaliruNY chOlaiyennum
 poruppitam maayanuk kenparn^al lOr,avai thannotuvan^
 thiruppitam maayan iraama Nnuchanmanath thinRavanvan^
 thiruppitam enRan ithayaththuL LEthanak kinpuravE'

 (Learned people say that the places where our Lord resides are Vaikundam,
 VEnkatm and Maaliruncholai. In addition to the above places, our Lord
 resides in Raamanujaa's heart. That heart of Raamanuja [in which our Lord
 resides] graces my heart with its presence.)

 According to our history, when TVA finished writing IRN-105, Ramaanuja
 along with Koorathaazhvaar, embar and others came to the place (actually
 a thottam on the banks of cauvery) where TVA was composing IRN. The last
3 paasurams of IRN starting from iruppitam vaikuntham vEnkatam are believed
to be  sung by TVA in the presence of Ramanuja. Koorathaazhwaar is said to have ordained that the 3 paasurams from 'iruppitam vaikuntham vEnkatam' will be the
 saaRRumarai paasurams of IRN. This is the reason why IRN alone has 3 saaRRumuRai paasurams against the usual tradition of 2 paasurams as found elsewhere in
 the prabhandham.

 Aazhwaar emperumaanaar jeeyar thiruvadigalE saraNam,