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From: Raghu Seshadri (
Date: Mon Mar 11 1996 - 15:12:42 PST

I got a query from one of our friends 
on this bhakti list whether Swami
Vivekananda himself believed in heaven/hell
considering it is specified in the
itihasa/puranas. I should first
check his books before answering
categorically, but distinctly remember
him saying that "at the higher levels,
all concepts of heaven and hell are
given up in Vedanta". Considering that
advaitins consider their interpretation
of the Vedanta to be the "higher level",
this should answer the question.

Swami Vivekananda makes numerous
very respectful references to Sri Ramanuja,
quoting him with approval many times,
and of course disagreeing with
him on points of advaita. His lectures
on the thoughts of "bhagavan Ramanuja"
are very sweet to read.