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From: Cadambi Sriram (
Date: Mon Mar 11 1996 - 13:49:41 PST

  My name is Cadambi Sriram and I am a graduate student in Computer Science at Queens University at Kingston, Ontario, Canda. Actually, Cadambi is my family name. I would like to be called Sriram.  

I originally hail from Madras,India but I came to US almost 17 years back. We are from a Vadakalai Iyengar Family.

I became interested in Vasihnavsim only recently. I have been studying Tirupavai for the past six months. Though Tamil is my native tongue, the words in Thirupavai are in "senthamizh" which are dificult to understand. But, I have read a couple of books to understand the meaning. I have started studying ThirupalliEyaichi also. Badrinarayanan Seshadri was kind enough to send me the meaning of the first 6 verses of ThirupalliEyachi. He said he will send the rest sometime later. Though, I learnt Purusha Suktham when I was very young, only now am I able to understand it's meaning ,thanks to the commentary that is available on the Sri Vaishnava Home page. 

My favourite temples are Tirupati and Uppuliappan Koil (near Kumbakonam) and of course all Anjaneya temples.

My future goal is to delve more into the study of Vaishnavisim (esp. Ramanuja's Vishishtaadvaita). I would like to study all the devotional works in Tamil and Sanskrit that have been endowed to us to by the Alwars and other great Vaishnavite scholars.

I hope to benefit and learn  from the discussions that I have with you all.