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From: Manjula (
Date: Mon Mar 11 1996 - 12:14:01 PST

I was in Denver, Colorado last week, on a business trip and
visiting my cousin.  I was extremely impressed to see the 
activity going on in Denver to start a Venkateshwara temple,
and seeing the enthusiasm that people had there, all I could
think of was the utter devotion and faith in Lord Vishnu.  I
spent enough time there to know that the group in Denver was
also aware of the Vaishnavaism(especially life that should
be led by an Iyengar).  Its impressive to see and know that
there are a lot of Iyengars in this country.. I am hoping that
I will get to see a lot of them in june when Jeer will be visiting
Denver for the NAMA get together.

Another thing I would like to know is
I will be in Long Beach California and would like to go to the
temple in Malibu. I would appreciate directions from anyone in 
our group, as well if there is anyone from this beach living
in Long Beach California, I would like to meet with you and
have a long discussion about our traditions.

Thanks in Advance

			Manjula Vangipuram
			H.K. Systems
			2855 South James Drive
			New Berlin, WI 53151