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Recent Discussions

From: Venkatesh Elayavalli/DCOM (
Date: Mon Mar 11 1996 - 10:46:35 PST

Dear Members,

Recently, there has been more discussion on some view points
raised in this medium regarding the validity and authenticity
of Acharyas and Purvacharyas works. On one hand it is important
to debate and invalidate such misconceived view points,  it is
also important to not get too emotional about it. 

It is the responsibility of the learned members of this group 
to remove the ignorance  and doubts that seem to dominate majority
of the members in this group. I for one would like to learn
more about our acharya's and their works, and if i can contribute
i would do so. On the other hand, it is imprtant that members 
present their doubts if any as queries to the group instead of
making sweeping statements without validity. 

It is also important that one should not walk away from a group
just beacasue of a few loose canons. We are all in this with one
purpose: that is to learn and help others learn. If our aachaaryaas
were to walk away from any and all criticisms thrusted upon them by
followers of other schools of thought, we would not be here trying
to learn their teachings. So it is my humble request to the members
of this group to participate in constructive discussion with mutual
respect of one another and for our aachaaryaas.