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Ramanujacharya Tirunakshatram 1996

From: M.A.Laksmitatachar (
Date: Mon Mar 11 1996 - 01:37:45 PST

Dear Sir,
        You   are  aware   that    Tirunarayanapuram is the 
`Vijaya-sthanam'  of  Acharya Ramanuja, the most revered
acharya   of Vaishnavites.  Hence his Tirunakshatra utsavam 
will be performed here on a grand scale.
        Sri Vivekollasini Sabha, founded 120 years ago, is 
performing the 10-day Tirunakshatram of Ramanujacharya with  
utmost fervour and  devotion. It offers garlands,  varieties 
of prasadams to the Lord and organises Vedaparayanam. On the 
last day of the utsavam, laddu prasadam will  be distributed  
by the Sabha to all the devotees. Being a devotee of Acharya 
Ramanuja, I am sure you would like to receive the blessings  
of acharya by contributing (cash or kind) towards this 
        This year the Tirunakshatrotsavam starts from 13.4.1996
and ends on  23.4.1996.   The last  day's utsavam wil be a grand 
one. On that day (23.4.1996) Lord reveals his dasavatarams  to 
Acharya Ramanuja. I feel it is a befitting occasion for your
visit  to Melkote. I request you to visit Tirunarayanapuram on 
this  occasion with all the members of your family and have 
darshan and blessings  of the Lord and the Acharya.
        With regards,
Yours sincerely,
Sri Vivekoallasini Sabha
Melkote - 571 431