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Re:Yatiraja Vimshati
Date: Sun Mar 10 1996 - 06:34:31 PST

Thanks Mr. Sadagopan for this informative posting.
I would like some clarification strictly for academic purposes:
>>>Thiruvarangatthu AmudanAr (TA), a contemproary of Sri RAmanujA
composed the RaamAnuja NooRRanthadhi , a work ,
which is part of the NaalAyira Divya Prabhandham. 
He became  a disciple of KooratthAzhwAn  at 
the suggestion of Sri RAmAnuja. <<<<<

Are TA and Yadava Prakasha are one and the same?
I have beeen told that RaanAnuja NooRRanthadhi is part
of only the Vadakali NaalAyirum.

Tatachar (K. Srekrishna)