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From: Mani Varadarajan (mani)
Date: Sat Mar 09 1996 - 12:51:23 PST

I wrote:

	I do not believe in any
	kind of hell. Rebirth itself is hellish enough,

to which Dileepan responded:

	Many a Azhvaar and Acharyaas have expressed contentment
	with worship of Archaa moorthees.  While the bliss of
	paramapadam is infinitetly superior, I wouldn't downplay
	the bliss that can be experienced in this earth itself.

Then cannot this bliss be experienced in hell as well?
If so, what makes it hell? Simply the concept of rebirth,
in a more awful place than this?

If this is all, I suppose I can accept it, but there are
extremely awful places to be born on earth itself that
would be just as bad as any hell.  What is the therapeutic
value of a hell that just torments people, without a
chance for beginning anew, without a chance for atonement?
At least on earth there are good things that can induce
someone away from bad activities.

Desika himself uses logic to understand the nature of God
based on certain principles.  I do not believe in ``blind
faith'' without the mind in operation.  I am not implying
that you are not using your mind -- just that there is
very often room for logical discussion of such topics
as hell, in spite of literal declarations that declare the
existence of such worlds.