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Re: bhakti-digest V1 #52

From: Srinivasan Iyengar S3 Inc (
Date: Fri Mar 08 1996 - 10:10:02 PST

Mani writes,

> As far as naraka/hell is concerned:
> I may have a revolutionary viewpoint here, and I know it
> is not supported by smritis and puranas, though it may
> be supported by the Upanishads. I do not believe in any
> kind of hell. Rebirth itself is hellish enough, and the
> karma is then experienced in a terrible way.  Contracted
> jnAna is the worst kind of hell I can imagine, since it
> alienates one from the blissful essence of God.
> Mani
Dear Mani

For some time I had exactly the same view of Naraka. But I
found a Sutra in the Brahma Sutras that speaks about
Raurava and other hells. I don't recollect the Sutra or
the bhashya on it. But please check if you can. Perhaps
a knowledge of the adhikarana would help in finding the 
context of the Sutra. Perhaps it still could be allegorical.

But with all that your final statement is still 100% true.
As long as one does not feel Rama's presence in the deepest
depths of one's heart, one is verily in hell - and all 
knowledge of shastra and sampradaya is utter waste, contributing
to further one's ego perhaps, but of no other use. Infact that
itself is Karma for further birth.

RamO Vigrahavaan Dharmaha.