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digest V1 #52

From: krish (
Date: Fri Mar 08 1996 - 05:49:24 PST

The arguments by Anand (PB) and Mani are remarkable.
I feel strongly that rituals are a help to those who have
time to spare and concerns about their faith. By being
abroad, we have broken many of the ritualistic rules.
Hinduism and I am sure Vaishanvism does not stress the
need for rituals. Of course, one may claim that such an
individual is not following Bhakti marga. But it is not
a question of satisfying others that tests a faith
in Narayana. It is what one feels deeply within, and to
some extent he is prejudiced by birth and environmeny.
The purpose of learning is to distinguish and discard 
the biases.
Krishna Praba