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Re: Ekadashi

From: Venkatesh Elayavalli/DCOM (
Date: Thu Mar 07 1996 - 16:57:16 PST

> As far as naraka/hell is concerned:
> I may have a revolutionary viewpoint here, and I know it
> is not supported by smritis and puranas, though it may
> be supported by the Upanishads. I do not believe in any
> kind of hell. Rebirth itself is hellish enough, and the
> karma is then experienced in a terrible way.  Contracted
> jnAna is the worst kind of hell I can imagine, since it
> alienates one from the blissful essence of God.
> Mani

I think the Vishnu Puraanaa does mention something similar to
the above view point. However, the fruits (or the punishments)
of the karma are not necessarily linear, i.e. a person who
has sinned (or contributed to negative action) may face 
a delayed effect of that action, after two or three births. 

I do not understand the last  sentence. If it is related to the
rest of the  text, then contracted jnAna in a previous life does
not carry over to the next life, so in essence one has to 
start all over again. My understanding is, only the karma and 
results ok karma are accompanied in the transmigration of the
soul and other like jnAna and bhakti die with the body.