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RE: Prof.Shivshankar's comments
Date: Tue Mar 05 1996 - 17:05:03 PST

+-Prof. Shivashankar said:
>>>>My question (one of ignorance) is : Is it a violation of a SumpradAya in 
Vaishnavism or a violation of the very tenet of Vaishnavism to "make up" 
Devi Mahalakshmi in any other image ?<<<<<

I would think YES, it is inappropriate. Anything goes
(in Hinduism, as noted by some Westerners)  should
not be the principle in traditional practices. There are
numerous other temples dedicated to Durga and Her Parivars
and there is no need to superimpose Durga over Padmavati.
While it is true that Tirumalai devotees are not 
exclusively Vaishnavites, but whoever goes there has  the prior knowledge
that it is a Vishnu temple. Thus, there is no reason for appeasement
violating  a particular tradition.  Just as you don' t 
switch to hockey sticks in the middle of world cup cricket, 
just because many in the spectators happen to be hockey fans also! 
K. Sreekrishna.