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My blabberings..

From: a.prathivadi-bhayankaram-a (
Date: Tue Mar 05 1996 - 11:55:58 PST


I consider it divine intervention by Alrmelu Mangai Thayar that my 
posting yesterday was returned to me by the mailer. But, being a human, I 
remailed it today. Then I read the Bhakti Digest and find that the 
discussion is much advanced. I very much enjoyed the discussion about Oh 
My God. 

My special interest is in Vaishnava Temple architecture. I notice from 
some references that they mention that Sesharaya mandapam is shown in 
seventeenth century. I know that some additions were carried out at 
different times. But other than English archoelogical records, do we have 
any records of our own? If anyone is aware of such records specially 
about Srirangam temple, I would be delighted to know more.