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Dear Bhagavathas,

I sent this yesterday but apparently Alarmelu mangai thayar seems to have 
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> Hi,
> After reading Bhardwaj's letter, I feel that this is the central dilemma. 
> That is, is the overall philosophy more important or the meticulous 
> following of rules more important. The problems are at various level. At 
> a fundamental level, religion as philosophy of life is threatened by 
> hedonistic, materialistic existentialism. At the next level, Hinduism is 
> facing grave dangers -- external dangers as from negative propaganda 
> about casteism and that we are dogmatic or superstitious etc.; 
> internally, due to the tension between the forces which see religion as 
> spiritual aspect and hence mainly an instrument of personal discovery 
> (travelling together but each to one's own destination as it were) and 
> the other of religion as  social existence i.e., orgiastic expression. 
> Within that, vaishnavism is facing grave dangers (a) because of general 
> neglect and loss of historical heritage -- temples, manuscripts and 
> archives etc., being subjected to economic neglect. (The issue of 
> unhygienic use of the space abutting Kanchi Varadaraja perumal temple is 
> an example). Temples have been historically misused as instruments for 
> expression of political power and dominance. It is ironic that now they 
> are used for expression of marginalisation of those groups who are 
> associated with temple - i.e., spiritualists, priests etc. In all the 
> readings about casteism that I have gone through so far, everyone 
> mentions as if it is brahminical order; tell me in reality who controls 
> political and economic power and how relevant is the brahminical order is 
> today. 
> Therefore, the scale and magnitudes of issues are such that we have to 
> wahe a myriad battles all at the same time. The distinction between 
> religion and culture, between tradition and dogma etc., is so thin that 
> only a deep appreciation based on exposure to works of great acharyas and 
> azhwars can one realise the importance of overall philosophy of bhakti, 
> within that the importance of agamas, and principles, within that which 
> are general rules (sadharana nyaya) and special rules (visesha nyaya) and 
> the principles of precedence, etc. What we as individuals with our limited 
> knowledge, time and specially with our distance limitations can do is 
> limited. But that is not to discourage active participation in such 
> protests because that is important. But we may collectively achieve much 
> better mileage if we identify people in India who are trying to take up 
> these issues on the basis of knowledge of scriptures and know why 
> something is wrong and whether that should be judged under sadharana 
> nyaya or visesha nyaya etc. There are people like Ahobilam jeear swamy, 
> in Vijayawad the Chinna Srimannarayan jeear, in triplicane there are some 
> people (Srinivasa Young Men Association), etc. We may be better off by 
> identifying some such people and support their efforts.
> This is for your consideration. If it sounded like preaching please 
> forgive me. I am very ignorant of spiritual matters and the purpose of my 
> joining the Bhakti group is to learn from all of you.
> Regards
> Anand