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guru parampara tree

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Tue Mar 28 1995 - 09:56:11 PST

I recently got a "Guru parampara tree chart" from India.  It is published
by desika darshana sabha, New Delhi.  the name of vanivilas press of
srirangam also appears on the chart.  I wonder if someone in this group has
such a chart.  The chart basically starts all the way from Srimannarayana
and comes down to the several branches such as : Ahobila Matam, Andavan
ashramam, parakala matam, tengalai matams, svayam acharya paramparai, 
poundareeka puram acharyas etc.  The chart becomes very complicated  after
the vedanta desika.  Parakala matam tree is fairly simple. ahobila mutt
tree is sort of parallel to desika descendents though Adivan satagopar studied
sree bhasyam under the very student of vedanta desika.  Andavan matam
is a fairly recent compared to the other two.  Pillai lokacharya (I think
the first acharya for tenkalais)  and 
the acharya ancestors of ahobilamutt have the same guru : Vadakku thiru
veedhi pillai!!  I do feel that this chart I have is not formatted very well.`
I think they did not use a typical tree building software.  

I will try to put the information in a better tree format . I invite
suggestions for a good software for such purposes. 

Lakshmee naatha samaarambham
naatha yaamuna madhyamaam
asmad acharya paryantaam
vande guru paramparaam

It seems, that remembering our acharya lineage is of utmost importance 
as far as daily duties are concerned.  I utter the acharya lineage verses
daily but I should make exta effort to pause and pay respects to each guru.