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From: Parthasarati Dileepan (MFPD_at_UTCVM.UTC.EDU)
Date: Sat Mar 11 1995 - 11:05:52 PST

Rationalization for vegetarianism:
Killing cannot be the reason for avoiding meats for two
reasons, (i) plants and trees were recognized as living
entities even during vEdic times (please correct me if I
am wrong),  and (ii) under this premise, animals that die
of natural causes must be fair game, an unacceptable

Ahimsai is also not logical.  The same problems persist.
The pain and suffering that plants undergo is not apparent
when we pluck fruits and vegetables or even fell plants
and trees.  But can we be sure?  Further, ahimsai
will not stand in the way of consuming animals that have
died due to natural causes.  Also, if we accept ahimsai
theory, then we have to forget much of the allopathic
medicine we have come to depend upon.

The only reason left is the separation of saathveega and
thamasic foods.  Animal flesh is thamasic and must be
avoided.  Eggs being animal flesh in subtle form must be
avoided also.  Its essential thamasic nature remains
unaltered, IMHO, whether or not it is fertilized.

Swami Sri dEsikan's aagaaran^iyamum lists the foods
that must be avoided and the foods that are acceptable.
Some of these rules seem trivial, some seem strange, and
some seem downright unpalatable!  I shall simply
present my own clumsy translation of the verses and
leave it to the readers to figure out the import.  The
translation is based upon the commentary by sri upa.
vangeepuram navan^eetham sriraamadEsikaachaar
swaami, published by The Little Flower Co.  aagaara
niyamam follows in a separate mail.

-- Dileepan