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Date: Fri Mar 10 1995 - 15:22:25 PST

This is a small excerpt from (my recollection) of the book the story of
alwars - by Alkondavilli acharya - Ananthacharya indological book house, 

I think this book is excellent and it contains the story of all alwars.
giving excellent citations from vedas and naalayiram.

If anyone has the book - Divya Soori Charitham - a text apparently  a 
sanskrit book on the life of alwars, please let me know where I can get 
a copy of it.  I have started teaching couple of kids the story of our 
alwars and stories from srimad bhagawatham.  this is one way I am trying to
inculcate some hinduism to my kids and other friends in the block.


	Krishna, I am not sure if I have come across that book. How ever,
 I would post an article of Mathurakavi Aazzhwar the author of "Kanninun
siruth thaambu", later.