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An Appeal for construction of a roof at Sholingar temple (steps to hill)

Date: Fri Mar 10 1995 - 13:01:29 PST

\C thirukkadigai - 1 \c 


\C mikkaanai ; maRaiyaay viriththa viLakkai ennuL
pukkaaNnaip pugazhsEr polikinRa ponmalaiyai
thakkaanaik kadigaith thadangunRiNn misaiyiruntha
akkaarak kaNniyai adainthuynthu pOnEnE

\C pandellaam vEnkadam paaRkadal vaikuntham
kondaNG kuRaivaarkuk kOyilpOl vaNdu
vaLankiLarum neeLsOlai vaNpooNG kadikai
iLangumaraNn RaNn viN Nagar


		       AN APPEAL TO ALL VIASHNAVITES                       

    This Shekthram is situated in Madras-Bangalore Rail line. Fast  way  is 
to take brinavan from Madras to Arakonam Junction and take Bus from  there. 
Sholingar Railway station is 9 miles from the temple. One can take a direct 
bus from Madras also. Moderate facilities are there for stay.  There  is  a 
big  Kalyana  Mandapam  for  organized  group  tours,  and  several  "Mess" 
facilities are there. 

There are three temples to see.

1. Koil in the town (or in the foot hill)
Moolavar - Not present
Uthsavar - Bakthavatsala Perumal (Thakkaan)
One can have Darshan of Adikesava perumal at the rear end  of  this  temple 
only on  certain  occasions.  There  are  separate  sannathis  for  Andaal, 
Azhwaars, Erumbiyappa, and Thottaachaarya.

2. Periya Malai or Kadikaachalam. approximately 500 feet high.
Moolavar : Yoga Narasimhar (Akkaarak kani)
Iruntha sayanam, Veetru iruntha thiruk kolam. ie Perumal is sitting in  the 
lotus posture and deeply meditating. East facing. 
Thaayaar : Amirtha Valli
Theertham : Amirtha Theertham, Thakkaan Kulam.
Vimaanam: Simha Koshtakruthi Vimaanam, Simhaagra Vimaanam.
Prathyaksham : Saptha Rishis, Vishvaamitrar, Siriya thiruvadi 

3. Siriya Thirumalai :200 to 250 feet high.
Deity : Yoga Aancchneyar has Changu, Chakkram in his hands, has four hands.

    One, attain Moksham simply by staying here for one Kadigai  (period  of 
time) ie approximately half hour in  this  shekthram.  Hence  it  is  named 
Thiruk kadigai. It is believed that Saint Vishvaamitrar meditated  for  one 
kadigai on Lord Narasimhar and obtained his title "Brimha Maharishi"  here. 
The Saptha Rishis came to this  place  and  and  started  penance  to  have 
darshan of Narasimha Avathaaram, and the Lord fulfilled their  wish  within 
one kadigai of penance. Hence this hill is known as Kadikaachalam.  On  the 
way to hills Garuda Aaaroodar Varadha Raaja perumal sannithi is  there.  It 
is believed that Kaanchi Varadhar offered  Garuda  Vaahana  Sevai  to  Maha 
Achaaryar known as Thottaachaaryar here. 

    Similar to Gunaseelam near Trichy, this place is also known for  relief 
from possessing, Billi Sooniyam, etc. People come here and do  Vratham  for 
many days, take bath in Thakkaan  kulam  which  is  believed  to  have  the 
essence of many Mooligais and climb  the  hills  every  day  to  pray  Lord 
Narasimhar and get their "Pini" or "Diseases" or  "Theeraatha nOykaL" cured 
here. This place is also known for the presence of many "Siththars" similar 
to Thiruvannaamalai, Kollimalai, and Kutraalamalai. It is believed that the 
administration of this temple is under the Aatheenam  of  Sthala  aachaarya 
purushaals of Thottaachaaryar Clan. Manavaala Maamunikal and Erumbiyappaa's 
Mangalaa saasanam  besides  Thirumangai  and  Pey  Azhwaars.  There  are  4 
paadalgal on this sthalam of the "4000". Two of them are presented  at  the 

    The steps to Narasimhar Koil are very steep between 400  and  500  feet 
level. On a hot day (most of the time in a year this area in chengleput  or 
North Arcot district has Very hot and dry weather) climbing this portion of 
the steps on bare feet is a difficult task even for the local people.Dholis 
carried by bearers are available for old people. To make  things  easy  for 
the pilgrims there are sumai thaangis then and there and shady trees  until 
this level. It is the desire of Lakshmi Narasimha Sabha to  facilitate  the 
pilgrims with an easy passage of this phase of the climbing by providing  a 
Roof in this level.(Thirupapathi has roofing almost for the entire range of 
higher altitudes.)The construction of the roof is estimated at 2.75  lakhs. 
I believe that there are pledges and promises to the tune  of  40%  of  the 
project cost so far. Vaishanavites around the world  are  invited  to  take 
part in this project  by  offering  what  ever  contribution  they  can  by 
directly sending their remittances to "Lakshmi Narasimha Sabha". 

    There are no plans for  winch  or  rail  car  similar  to  the  one  at 
"Palani".  I  guess  it  involves  much  more  capital  and  needs   larger 
participation from public and government. One reason is that the turn  over 
of pilgrims in a year is not so  high  and  so  it  is  believed  that  the 
initiative of government for a rail car project is  unlikely  in  the  near 
future. The development of the town was given  a  kick  start  due  to  the 
construction of TVS groups, two of their divisions here, Sundaram Fasteners 
and Lucas TVS manufacturing facilities are  here,  providing  some  capital 
flow to this town. The  Tamil  Nadu  Govt.  has  proposed  to  develop  and 
construct the "Manufacturing Technology Park" in consortium with  Singapore 
Govt. and several singapore companies, similar to the  software  technology 
park in Bangalore, here in Sholingar. 

    The Lakshmi Narasimha Sabha is an organization believed to  be  founded 
20 years back and is in active service to the Lord Narasimhar all over  TN, 
Andhra, etc. It is founded by Mrs. Yadugiri, a Lakshmi Narasimha  Ubaasagar 
and a devout Ahobila Mutt  follower.  She  is  also  a  disciple  of  Singa 
perumaal Koil Aachaaryar who is himself a Narasimhar Ubaasagar  also.  They 
do  Bajans  every  Friday  at  their  place  in  "Desikaa"   chaari   road, 
"Aazhwaar"pettai, Madras. The Panguni Utthiram  is  celebrated  every  year 
here in a grand scale. They have executed few projects earlier and one such 
was a silver peedam for Yoga Narasimhar at sholingar in 1980. 

The Address:
 Lakshmi Narasimha Sabha
 11, Desikachari Road,
 Aazwaar pettai

						       Sampath Rengarajan