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eggs and alpo

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Tue Mar 07 1995 - 14:26:35 PST

eggs :

I agree with mani.  I did also see a CBS show on chicken farming in america.
in fact that show had very bad reviews since most americans eat chickens.
in that the egg issue was brought out exactly and more graphically than what
mani has described.

I feel eggs do have other problems such as cholesterol and fat.  of course a
good source of protein. but I think if carefully planned protein from legumes
and soy are more "fat free" compared to eggs.  

philosophically, there should be no reason to discard eggs.  But in general
it seems that is less satva promoting according to traditional schools. (
ahara niyamam etc.)


I do agree that dogs to need non-vegetarian diet. and egg diet does not
always work out. and it is difficult to maintain dogs on boiled eggs like
how they do in some parts of india.  I had a dog in Michigan and I also
had the same problem.  I tried out alpo for a few days and it got to me
spiritually. hence I tried egg and others diet.  I feel vishwanath, you
should consult veternary doctors or some nutrition experts to find out if
a non-meat but meat substitute is available which can be a good s

after this I did talk to you over the phone so things are clear I guess
at least my comments.