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From: Parthasarati Dileepan (MFPD_at_UTCVM.UTC.EDU)
Date: Thu Mar 02 1995 - 18:21:49 PST

10/12 owdhaaryam

In this continuing series of twelve posts, twelve of the
many guNaas that are innate to Brahman is discussed
with illustrations from aazhvaar paasurams.  These
twelve guNaas demonstrate God's eternal love for us
jeevaathmaas.  They are sowseelyam, vaathsalyam,
maardhavam, aarjavam, sowhaartham, saamyam,
kaaruNyam, maadhuryam, gaambeeryam, owdhaaryam,
chaathuryam, and sthairyam.  The subject of this post is

owdhaaryam:   munificence

Our Lord's munificence differs from the benevolence of
others in many ways.  As He grants all our wishes His
abundance is not diminished in any way,  (2) His
generosity is like that of a parent to a child, i.e. He feels
his wealth is for our welfare,  and  (3) His gives without
making us feel indebted.

There are numerous paasurams celebrating owdhaaryam,
vaLLal thanmai.  Here is one from namaazhvaar.

koLLum payanillaik kuppai kiLartthanna selvatthai,
vaLLal pugaznthu_num vaaymai izakkum pulaveergaaL,
koLLak kuRaivilan vENdiRRel laamtharum kOthil,en
vaLLal maNivaNNan thannaik kavi solla vamminO.

     -- thiruvaay mozhi 3.9.5

Aazhvaar chides those who sing insincere praise
(vaaymai izakkum) of worldly lords expecting trashy
material rewards (kuppai kiLartthanna selvam).  The
aazhvar invites them to sing in "praise our munificent
Lord maNivaNNan; your words of praise will be real;
and He will give you all you desire."

"koLLak kuRaivilan," is interpreted in two ways.
(1)  Giving and receiving in worldly realm is a zero-sum
activity.  But when the Lord gives, his abundance does
not decrease (koLLak kuRaivilan).
(2) The praises heaped upon worldly lords are full
of exaggerations.  Their merit is always less than the
accolades.  But, in the case of Lord maNivaNNan,  the
adulation he receives (koLLa) are never greater
than his mettle  (kuRaivilan).

"vENdiRRellaam tharum" also distinguishes Lord
maNivaNNan from others.  The resources of worldly
lords are finite.  Thus, even if they are willing,
they are incapable of granting all our wishes.
Being the supreme lord of all, sriman naaraayaNaan
is the only one who can grant whatever one may wish,
without exception, "vENdiRRellaam tharum,"  including

         .... to be continued

This and other posts to follow in this subject are based
on the aruL mozhigaL of the 45th azhagiya singar of sri
aHObila madam, sri vaN satakOpa sri naaraayaNa
yatheendhra mahaa dEsikan, published in sri nrusimhap
priyaa starting with bava varusham, chitthirai maasam,
(April 1994), and commentaries of aazhvaar
prabhandams published by The Visishtadvaita Pracharini
Sabha, 27, Venkatesa Agraharam, Mylapore, Madras,
600 004.