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introduction to the group
Date: Thu Mar 02 1995 - 14:42:20 PST

hi everybody
this is nanda kishore srinivasan from new city mny i am krishna kalale's
brother in law.i am 29 years and i have been interested in 
sri vaishnavism since i came to his country in 89...
as most of us do i wasted my child hood and youth in typical materialistic
pursuits and here iam at that point in life where i want to always
think and talk about narayana.the only reading that ia have accomplished
is reading srimad bhagawatham published by rk ashram so from the group
point of u i will be a humble receipient of knowledge.
i crave for stories of alwaars and bhawagwathas as it helps me to
detach myself from all this mechanical crap and think about bhagawan.
so i once again thank all the memebrs who have already made my day
with great sri vaishnavism stories....
sarvam sri krishnaarpanamasthu........
kishore srinivasan