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[Forward: Re: Lord Varaha]

From: Mani Varadarajan (mani)
Date: Thu Mar 02 1995 - 12:53:13 PST

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Subject: Re: Lord Varaha
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My name is Sampath Rengarajan. I am from Kumbakonam, born in Trichy and 
currently in Canada after AN M.ENG IN CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY, Montreal.

 The prabandam work 
can be made complete when we also write about each sthalam and the corresponding
paadal numbers in that just as how lifco has published. But we can write our 
own account of each  sthalam as the lifco one may not cover it in full. This
 work can also be done by a few of us.

	In the note on aalwaars I wanna to suggest some additions which are
historical and some research based.

 Thirumazhisai aazhwaar is a saaththaatha vaishnaar and is referred as a 
siththar himself. He is also called thirumazhisai siththar. The famous paadal
is dubbed as "paai surutti vaarum" . He asked perumal to come with him with his
 bag and baggage when his assistant was ordered out of town by the King.
In another sthalam he was not allowed inside the temple as he was late {Nadai
saathaap pattathu} I will get the name of the sthalam soon from India. Allwaar
went aroud the temple and it seems the moolavar perumaal  also made"about turn"
 as the alwaar
 was going round. Then the pattars opened the temple and offered full respect
s to allwaar. The best of all the thirumazhisai piraan's encounter is at 
Being tired of seeing the perumaal sleeping all the time, he said
 Nadantha kaalkaL nonthavO
 nadunka GNAla menumaai
idantha mei kulunkavo
vilankumaal varaich churam
parantha kaal kidantha kaavirikkarai kudanthaiyul
kidanthavaar ezhunthirunthu pesu *vaazhi kesanE
enra paadlaku iNanki perumal rose from his bed and opened
his eyes then aazhwar saked him to rest as it is by saying vaazhi kEsanE.
	Kudanthai is the only place where perumall is awake and in the kidantha
posture.(which is slightly rose from his bed with one arm supporting his neck)
 out of the nine sayanaas,
kidantha sayanam is amuthan's and only his.
Thirumazhisai piraan attained mukthi at kudanthai and his jeeva samaathi is 
there in saathaara theru, meaning saath thaatha vaishanvar street.  
since amuthan is reason for reviving all the paasurams by naathamunikal
amuthan is called "Amuthaazhvaar".

Nammalvaar went to kurukoor and did  penance under the sacred puliyamaram, which
     was once shown to brahman when he was looking for a place to meditate.
Kuru Koor that is asareeri's voice showed brahman this place underneth the 
"puliyamram" which is worshipped sacred even today at this placea & that's why
I it is called thiruk kurukoor and naamaalwaar attained mukthi here. This is 
also the place where madurakavi aazhwaar sung KanniNUN siruththaambu.

	 I had an interesting episode "encounter" during my recent visit to
India on this "Kanninunsiruththaambu". I met one ubaasagar (lakshmi narasimha
ubaasagar a lady) who was giving some predictions to someone and that some
one was asked to meditate "Kanninun Siruththaambu" a good 10,000 times same
as Naathamunigal was asked to.The important thing is that the ubaasagar doesnot know anything about this
song or the significance and its history and simply asked me to write it
down from the paasuram book and give it to that person. She didnot know 
anyhting about the computerisation of naalayiram either.

	I have a feeling that there is a complete revival and enlightenment 
efforts on srivaishnavism and alwaars is taking place now.
There are few more things to write about azh waars. But I will  write down 
the balance later. Some of these may not be rational but they are true and 
believed to be true even today in those shetrams (places). 

	I strongly believe that thamizh vedam (thiruvaaymozhi)and vedaangam 
(thirumnagai aazhvaars paasurams) and other paasurams
totalling to 4000 are the message from god , and there are hidden meanings on
(ie sollaamal sollap pattiRukkirathu) the specific nature of each shektram and
 its Deity, Deity's special mandate in
the entire creation, preservation and destruction of the universe and in cycles
of the same again and again. I am born on "Sravanam" after fasting on all 
sravanam by my parents and now I am fasting on all sravanams and My abimaana 
shektram is "Thiruvinnagaram" known as Oppiliappankoil where sravanam is 
celebrated each month. 


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