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RE: christianity : Hinduism comparison

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Date: Thu Mar 02 1995 - 08:49:22 PST

subramaniya suresh writes :

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The following question follows me quite some time. Any answers?
There was a discussion going on recently in my area (southern Germany) about similarities between Krishna and Christ (Kristos).  One evangelist told that Krishna cult was an answer for Christianity when it entered India during the first century.  Do you have any authentic proof for this? I am also in search of ºBhaktiº in Christianity and ºlove thy nextº in Hinduism.

Truth is God.

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Modern historians believe that the "Maha bharatha " and the age of Bhagawadgita
was about 5th century B.C.  Krishna also has vedic references in 
taittirya narayana upanishad or mahanarayana upanishad :

Bhramhanyo devaki putro bramhanyo madhusoodanom
sarva bhoothastam atmaanam narayanam

"meaning - The very Lord Bramhan (or all pervading) is same as the
son of Devaki (Sri Krishna) and he is the destroyer of demon Madhu
He is the verily the same Narayana - the indweller of all beings"

This means that probably Krishna's time was before 5th century B.C
since Upanishads are much older than 5th century BC. 

Krishna Cult or the bhakti movement was there in different parts of India
from a longer time.  The literature regarding Krishna - Mahabharatha was 
also there before christ .  The social "Krishna Movement" could be here and there in
history due to fears in the society of "mass conversion" to other faiths.
I have heard that in Kerala (south India) as early as 96 A.D christian
missionaries were there and I happen to know an keralite christian who
has told me of his "christian preceptors".  The south indian "
bala krishna" or child krishna movement (near udipi etc.) was it seems an
answer to the "child jesus" concept which came from evangelists.

It should be understood that any such "organized krishna movements" or
any such organized movements are not characteristic of Hinduism in general.
These movements are defensive activities to oppose the infiltration of
other faiths, since "missionary" activities are not natural to hinduism".
In general hinduism is traditionally tolerant and is not known to actively
involve in propagation of faith.

Of late, the only widespread somewhat missionary type of faith (hindu) is the
Hare Rama Hare Krishna movement.  This, I think is largely due to the
fact that this movement was introduced in the west and the very same movement
even though having its head quarters in Mayapur India, is not widespread
in India.  


By the way does anyone know the date of "Srimad Bhagawatam" - it is post
mahabharatha period but I am not sure how much later.