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govindhan gunam paadi en aavi kaaththiruppen- post 19

From: M.G.Vasudevan (
Date: Mon Mar 25 2002 - 02:38:12 PST

Post 19

Dear Srivaishnava perunthagaiyeer,

Continuing the krishna sthuthi by the naaga pathnees, the next naama is "om
mahaathmanE nama:". Meaning- our prostrations to you, oh, Supreme Being. 

The dictionary meaning of this word maahaathma is 
*	High souled
*	Magnanimous
*	Having a great or noble nature
*	High minded
*	Highly gifted
*	Exceedingly wise
*	Eminent
*	Mighty
*	Supreme spirit
*	Great soul of the universe [ refer p 796 of Monier williams]

The meaning "magnanimous" is more apt to our context. Because these wives
are doing this praising with an air of expectation of winning back their
husband besides fulfilling their main aim praising the lord. Such praising
will it not yield results that too with krishna who is already the supreme

To have some "add on" - here some more points on this naamaa.

Just went through the SVSN. To the surprise this naamaa does not appear
between "om visvasmai nama:" the first naama to "om sarva praharaNa aayudha
nama:" the 1000th. But sri bheeshmaachaarya perhaps have realised, "I left
out this great naama". Thus added this naama twice in the palasruthi
In the first slokam as "kEsavasya mahaathmana:"
In the 14th slokam as "viDhruthaani mahaathmana:" 

Can some of the learned in the list give some reasons for this position. 

While many naamaas ending "---athmanE nama:" appear as seen in the list
below this miss [can I take the liberty of calling it so], I feel it must
have some reason.

Om paramaathmanE nama: 11th naama of SVSN, 4th slokam in the beginning of
Om bhoothaathmanE nama: 8th naama, slokam 20 of palasruthi
Om poothaathmanE nama: 10th naama
Om amEyaathmanE nama: 102nd and 179th naama
Om samaathmanE nama: 107th naama

Om chathuraathmanE nama: 137th and 769th naama
Om dhruthaathmanE nama: 160th naama
Om visruthaathmanE nama: 207th naama
Om visvaathmanE nama: 225th naama
Om nivruthaathmanE nama: 229th, 597th and [452nd as per raamaanuja paatam ]

Om prasannaathmanE nama: 237th naama
Om apramEyaathmanE nama: 248th naama
Om prakaasaathmanE nama: 276th naama
Om vrudhdhaathmanE nama: 352nd naama
Om vimukthaathmanE nama: 452nd as per sankara paatam

Om naikaathmanE nama: 468th naama
Om ananthaathmanE nama: 518th naama
Om vijithaathmanE nama: 620th naama
Om avdhEyaathmanE nama: 621st naama
Om visudhdhaathmanE nama: 636th and in palasrithi slokam 10th

Om thrilokaathmanE nama: 646th naama
Om anivruthaathmanE nama: 774th naama
Om gaBheeraathmanE nama: 937th naama
Om EkaathmanE nama: 966th naama

While we have 27 naamaas ending "aathmanE nama:" this "mahaathmanE nama:" is
not appearing.

The next naama in the krishna sthuthi by these wives, is "bhoothaavaasaaya
nama:". This is 713th naama in SVSN - since he is the refuge for all beings
he is said bhoothaavaasa:. 
vasanthi thvayi bhoothaani bhoothaavaasasthathO bhavaan - says harivamsam
yasmin vasanthi bhoothaani bhoothaavaasa sa kathyathE - says vishNu puraanam
- meaning same as given above.

In the krishna avathaaram, the lord naaraayaNa [as krishNa] deliberately
concealed his real supreme aspect. Yet as the son of vasudhEva in human form
or disguise, he remained the refuge of all beings. That is why he is
acclaimed as refuge of all beings -- says paraasarar in vishnu puraanam.
[6th amsam 5th chapter]. 

Such a lord sri krishna is sought as refuge by these naaga pathnees.

Next naama of krishna sthuthi is "om bhoothaaya nama:" 
Bhootha means the basic element, [eg- this world is created with 5 bhootha].
Other meanings are - purified, existing, present, being, welfare.

>From this bhootha is derived bhoothi- welfare personified- that naama is
available in SVSN- om bhoothayE nama: another naama is om prabhoothaaya
nama: Krishna is the lord welfare personified for all. 

Dear bhakthaas, come on let us sing the glory of the krishna by using /
talking these naamaas- let us continue with more naamaas in next post.


Vasudevan m.g.

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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