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Re: SandyAvandanam Timing

From: Ravi (
Date: Fri Mar 30 2001 - 07:28:57 PST


1) This program prints out the info for Local Time. So one should 
adjust for the standard time we use. For instance, Austin uses CST, 
but there is a 30 minutes difference (approximately) between CST and 
the time at Austin based on longtitude. Similarly wherever you are, 
you should account for such differences.

2) Also this program prints (as it is now) the information at the 
local sunrise time. But it is easy to modify to print it at any time 
you want.

3) Anand Hudli who is well versed with pancanga calculations, 
mentioned that is program is not very accurate.

4) There is an on going effort by a group of volunteers to develop an 
accurate panchanga program.  I think we need such a tool across the 
board, whether one is a smArta, shrIvaiShNava or a mAdhva.

5) Even if the perl script is slightly approximate, it matters only 
when the things like naxatra changes at the time of worship say 
6:00am. Then one can not be sure of what naxatra it is. I think, 
however, it is a good learning tool to start with. It is important we 
get some idea of what are the naxatra-s, karana-s and yoga-s. Even 
better if we learn how these computations are done. Anand Hudli is 
writing a series on Advaita-L on how to compute some of these 
quantities (probably if you know perl, you can study this code as 

6) There is a good introduction to panchanga here. But please note 
some of the items given there are based on their tradition. But this 
will give some idea of the calendar.

ambaaL daasan


na jnAyate ma hitaM nitarAm upAyo
dIno.asmi devI samayAcharaNAxamo.asmi |
tat.h tvAM ananya sharaNaH  sharaNaM prapadye
mInAxI vishva jananIM  jananI mamaiva ||

( I do not know what is good for me and the means to achieve
it. I am such pitiable position and I do not have the inner
strength to follow the shAstra-s. I surrender to you and
none else, O mInAxI, Mother of the Universe, my own
Mother, have mercy on me)

            --niilakaNTha diixita

--- In bhakti-list@y..., "Malolan Cadambi" <mcadambi@y...> wrote:
> sri:
> srimathe rAmAnujAya namaha
> BhaktAdigale,
> NemaggE ugAdi dinada subAshrayagalu
> mattu hosA varshada subAshrayagalu
> (Pardon me for the late wish)
> There is a PERL Script for Calculating Panchangam. I am not sure 
> whether it is synchronised for Sri Vaishnava use. I request members 
> who are well versed in software to try to convert this script into 
> stand alone programme, which can be used by any one.
> WARNING: This does not work on WINDOWS or MAC, you need SOLARIS or 
> UNIX to try the script.
> All Due regards to Sri Ravishankar Mayavaram who originally pointed 
> out the source of the script in another esteemed electronic forum.
> ===========================================================
> There is a perl script for computing panchanga at
> For personal use, I think one can modify and get the data one needs.
> especially for sa.nkalpam if one needs, naxatra, tithi, yoga, karaNa
> etc at a particular place and at local time. It is quite handy.
> Espcially things change during the day. In the following data, at 
> end data is printed for 6, 8, 18, and 20 hours of 3/17/2001, and you
> will see the changes. Especially if your prayer hour varies, you may
> want to set it up for a range  (6-8 am/pm)
> ====================================================================
>  Pancanga based on the Suryasiddhanta
>  Day requested  = AD 2001  3   17
>  JD (at noon)   =  2451986   Saturday
>  Local latitude = 30.3
>  Requested time =  6h: 0m
> ===================================================================
>  Nirayana  True Longitude
>    Sun          11s  3d  0' 14"
>    Moon          8s  8d  5' 59"
>    Mercury       0s  0d  0'  0"
>    Venus         0s  0d  0'  0"
>    Mars          0s  0d  0'  0"
>    Jupiter       0s  0d  0'  0"
>    Saturn        0s  0d  0'  0"
>    Candrocca     9s 24d 21'  9"
>    Rahu          2s 21d 42' 31"
>  Local sunrise  =  6h  6m
>  ayanamsa       = 22d 31m
>  Jovian(North)  = vijaya(27)
>  Jovian(South)  = vikrama(14)
>  Lunar Month    = Phalguna
>  Paksha         = K  8 (fraction = 0.924)
>  Solar masa/day = Mina   /4
>  samkranti on   = 2001/ 3/14
>  samkranti at   =  5h:48m
>  naksatra       = Mula
>  karana         = kaulava
>  yoga           = vyatIpAta
> ============================================================
> 6h Phalguna       K  8(0.924)       Mula kaulava    vyatIpAta
>  8h Phalguna       K  9(0.003)       Mula taitila    vyatIpAta
> 18h Phalguna       K  9(0.398)   P-asadha taitila     varIyas
> 20h Phalguna       K  9(0.477)   P-asadha taitila     varIyas
> =============================================================
> Again, I am not sure wheter this panchangam is syncrhonised with 
> Vaishnava useage. I request members who want to work on this script 
> to get in touch with elder members to figure out how to programme 
> electronic panchangam for Sri Vaishnava use.
> Regards,
> Adiyen Ramanuja Daasan,
> Malolan Cadambi

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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