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what a lovely baby

From: M.G.Vasudevan (
Date: Fri Mar 30 2001 - 03:30:11 PST

Dear Sri vaishnava perunthagaiyeer,

On November 17 2000, I forwarded to the list one sweet song on my pet
Srikrishna titled "what a lovely baby" of Sri annamachaaryaa, the famous
thirupathi poet who had given lot of songs on Thirupathi vEnkatanaathan. 

This was done as per request from my colleague Sri Vinjamuri Mahavishnu
(VMV). He wanted me to add my comments on this song. I stated while
forwarding to you all I will add in my next post. Though materials for
comments were collected, they remained as draft for all these days. Now it
is reaching you. Please pardon me for this long delay and enjoy balakrishnan
and his pugazh [fame].
mudhdhugaarE yasOdhaa mungita muthyamu veeduthidhdharaani mahimala dhEvakee
Rough translation by VMV: What a lovely child! He looks like a pearl while
playing in the household of yaSOdhai. The mahimais [fame and aura] of this
dhEvakee's son are inexplicable and wonderful.

CharaNam - I
anthanintha gollethala arachEthi maaNikyamu 
panthamaadE kamsuni paali vajramu
kaanthula moodulOkaala garuda pachcha boosa
chenthalO maalOnunna chinni krushNudu

Rough translation by VMV: In the palms of the cowherd damsels of Thiru
aaippaadi, He is like a MaaNikyam (as they take the baby into their hands).
On the other hand, He is a sharp-edged diamond for kamsan, who is
maintaining constant enmity with Him. Out of his effulgence, he is shining
in all the three worlds like a green stone. Such a wonderful kutti kaNNan is
amongst us.

Charanam - II
rathikELee rukmiNiki rangumOvi pagadamu
mithi gOvardhanapu gOmEdhikamu
sathamai sankha chakraala sandhula vaidooryamu
gathiyai mammu gaachEti kamalaakshudu

Rough Translation by VMV: To rukmiNi piraatti, His thiru mukha mandalam
appears like a red coral, when He is one with Her. He looks like a
gOmEdhakam while lifting gOvardhanam on His little finger. With Sankha and
Chakra in His hands, He looks like a vaidooryam. Such senthAmaraik kaNNan,
Who is our destination, protects us always.

charanam - III
kaaLinguni padagalapai kappina pushyarAgamu
ElEti SrI vEnkataadhri indhraneelamu
Paala jalanidhilOna baayani dhivya rathnamu
baaluni vale thirigi padhmanabhudu

Rough translation by VMV: On the hoods of kaLIyan, He is like a pushyarAgam.
He, the ruler of ThiruvEnkataadhri, is like indhra neelam (emerald?)
adorning the crest of that moutntain. He is the divine gem shining brightly
in the ocean of milk. Such Padmanabhan, is moving among us as a small boy.
Comments by MGV: 
First of all, please note that the navarathnams are linked to krishna. These
are said to be rare materials/ stones and precious. Similarly Sri krishna is
also rare to appear in front of us, and precious to one and all of us. He
will appear to those precious eyes who are capable to see him and appreciate
him. This is similar to the knowledge on precious stones. One who knows it
is a precious stone for him it is precious. For others it is "also another

Next is what are these nava rathnams? They are
1.	pearl- muthu in tamil -muthyam in telugu
2.	ruby- maaNikkam in tamil - maaNikyam in telugu
3.	topaz- pushparaagam in tamil - pushyaraagam in telugu
4.	diamond- vairam in tamil- vajram in telugu
5.	emerald- maragatham in tamil- pachcha poosa says annamaacharyaa
6.	coral- pavaLam in tamil- padagam in telugu
7.	sapphire- lapis lazuli - azure- indra neelam - in tamil and telugu
8.	cats eye gem - vaidooryam -in tamil and telugu
9.	gomEdhagam in tamil- gomEdha or gomEdhaka in telugu and samskrit

Now please see the krithi once again and you will find that all the nine
precious stones are mentioned in the krithi.
Mungita muthyamu veedu- muthyam or pearl
arachEthi maaNikyamu - ruby
kamsuni paali vajramu - diamond
garuda pachcha boosa - maragatham- emerald
rangumOvi pagadamu - pavaLam - coral
gOvardhanapu gOmEdhikamu - 
sandhula vaidooryamu - cats eye gem
kappina pushyarAgamu - pushparaagam - topaz
vEnkataadhri indhraneelamu - sapphire

So conclusively Swamy annamaachaarya says krishna is the dhivya rathnamu -
meaning - precious gem.

Just lean back and see what is these navarathnams.
1.	Pearl- generally white in colour or bluish - chemistry of pearl is
potassium aluminium carbonate - produced by a living creature in the sea,
the oyster- by collecting clear water from rain drops mixing it with
secretion from its own body, this liquid getting solidified over a period of
time within the body of the oyster, finally the oyster getting killed to
yield this precious material to the human being.

2.	Ruby- glowing purple or tinged red, deep crimson or pale rose in -
chemistry is corundum- which is crystallised alumina 

3.	topaz- available in yellow white green blue or colourless varieties-
generally yellow- chemistry is aluminium silicate.

4.	Sapphire - also called lapis lazuli - a persian name -or azure -
[the word azure means sky blue]- blue precious stone of corundum- same
crystallised sodium aluminium silicate sulphate.

5.	Diamond- generally colourless or tinted- chemistry is crystallised
carbon - some times black diamond

6.	Coral- predominantly red- pink or white also- chemistry- calcerous
substance- produced by insects in sea bed.

7.	Emerald- bright green -in chemistry it is a variety of beryl - the
parent metal is beryllium and from there beryl a compound.

8.	Vaidooryam- a cats eye gem -having colour of a cat's eye - grey in
colour -generally from srilanka and malabar in kerala

9.	Go- medha or gomedhakam- a gem brought from himaalayaas and Indus -
generally white pale yellow red and dark blue in colour

Pallavi: yasOdhaa mungita muthyamu- the pearl in the household of yasOdhaa -
oyster is dhEvaki- pearl is sri krishna - yasodha is awarded the keeper or
caretaker post for this pearl- a black pearl?- yes. 

Munivarkku arul tharum thavaththai muththin thiraL kOvaiyai- says
thirumangai aazhvaar- 7-10-1 in his periya thirumozhi- the biggest penance
is himself, that lord. This penance gives the doer of penance the fruits of
penance - aruL is given to munivar - this pearl is not in single but a
regularly arranged collection and that collection is not in single but in
heaps - muththin thiraL kOvaiyai. How a thavam can given the fruits of
thavam to the doer of the thavam? 

Oh krishna - your mahimai is thidhdharaani- inexplicable.

To continue and conclude in second part.

Dhaasan Vasudevan M.G.

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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