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asmadhAchAryan SathAbhishEkam special- 5 (PANGUNI ROHINI)

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Fri Mar 30 2001 - 02:03:28 PST

SrImathE Gopaladesika Mahadesikaya Namah:

Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

Today is Rohini- panguni Rohini. AsmadhAchAryan 81st Thirunakshathram . It 
is adiyen’s desire to post an article written by Srimad PaRavaakkOttai 
Andavan Sri Goapaladesika mahadesikan on Rohini’s Greatness.

Today is RohiNi Thirunakshathram. Emperumaan KaNNan’s birth star. KaNNan was 
born in the month of AvaNi, krushNa paksham, ashtami thithi combined with 
RohiNi star. This day is celebrated as “Sri Jayanthi”. Sri Jayanthi always 
means KaNNan’s Thirunakshathram. Janma nakshathrams of Sri Nrusmihan, Sri 
Vamanan are addressed as Sri Nrusimha Jayanthi, Sri Vamana Jayanthi 
respectively. KrishNan means: One who attracts bhakthAs towards Him. 
Sankarar (the one who calls Bhagawaan as “nirguNan”) says:

kandharpakOdi subhagam vaanchithaphaLatham dhayaarNavam krishNam thayakthvaa 
kam anyavishayam nEthrayugam dhrashtum uthsahathE..

KaNNan is so handsome and beautiful as the sum total of crores (millions) of 
manmathans (cupid). He grants all that we desire for. He is the most 
merciful; Which other God my would my eyes desire to see and enjoy? (None..) 
= Thus Sankara melts at Kannan’s beauty.

Leelasukhar – a staunch Saivite. Listen to what he says:

“I am a saivite. There is no doubt about that. Everyday, morning and 
evening, I meditate and perform siva Panchakkshara japam. While uttering 
japam, shouldn’t I not concentrate on the manthra devatha alone and 
meditate? That does not happen. My mind always thinks of that Blue hued, 
impishly smiling faced, and cowherd Boy KaNNan alone. Japam- panchaaksharam. 
Thinking on KaNNan. – What is that you are doing?- that KaNNan asks me 
naughtily and mischievously.

MadhusUdhana Saraswathi- who said, “Brahmam sathyam; All others are false. 
There are no qualities, attributes for Bhagawaan. There is no form for 
Bhagawaan. He had also written “advaita siddhi”. Listen to what he says:

“Let those yogis cultivate their minds on formless, attribute less, jYothi 
and meditate.. I do not wish to see with my eyes what they long to see. I 
would like to see with my eyes, and enjoy in my mind - that indescribable 
beauty, that Blue hued jyOthi KaNNan who ran hither and thither on the banks 
of Yamuna River. “

Kualsekara AzhwArs ays: “I see an unparalleled jyOthi in my heart. Its name 
is KaNNan. That medicine can alleviate any disease. It is also the tastiest 
nectar. Not only does it remove the disease of what we undergo in day-to-day 
life. It also dispels the karmic disease of further births and deaths and 
can grant the Ultimate Bliss.

This KaNNan’s archaavataar is here most gracefully showing Himself at 
Mannargudi Sri Rajagopala PerumAL. During BrahmOthsavam, (18 days), He shows 
His leelAs in his archa vigraham, with the excellent most brilliant 
alankaarams being done by priests (bhattars)

In AsthAnam, the way he has the cloth tied around His Head (muNdAsu), a cane 
in his Hand, showing the Lotus Feet for Bhagawathas to get saved, wearing a 
smiling face, along with the Cow and the calf.- it can never ever leave our 
eyes and mind. For that PerumAn, on Panguni Rohini is ThirutthEr- Chariot 

ThiruppANAzhwAr (born in the star of RohiNi) lost himself in the exquisite 
Beauty of  Lord Ranganathan, and burst out with Pasurams singing the beauty 
of the Lord from toe to Head. He finally said “the eyes that have seen my 
Arangan will not see anything else”  and united with the Lord then and 

ThirukkOttoyoor Nambhi also was born in the Rohini star. He was the AchAryan 
of Sri Ramanuja and taught Sri Ramanuja the Rahasyaartthams.

Thus, KaNNan- ThiruppANAzhwAr, ThirukkOttoyoor Nambhi- appeared in RohiNi 
Thirunakshathram. On this great day (of Rohini, when asmadhAchAryan His 
Holiness Srimad PaRavaakkOttai Srimad Andavan Sri Gopaladesika mahadesikan 
also appeared to save us from samsaaric afflictions), let us all (in the 
manner and ways of what our AchAryas, AzhwArs have laid out the paths) at 
the feet of archaavataara Emperumaan, perform Pooja, pay obeisance to, offer 
flowers, sing His Names and Glories, meditate on him in our minds and spend 
time more usefully, remove and get rid of sins (paapams) and be blessed to 
live with all wealth and prosperity, peace in this life, and be blessed with 
BrahmAnandhAnubhavam in the next..

Narayana smaraNam

Narayana Narayana
(Translation from Srimad andavan’s speech in All India Radio, Trichy). All 
errors /faults are mine.

adiyEn Narayana dAsan madjavakkannan
PS: Thanks to each one of you for your patience in reading adiyEn's 

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