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Lord in sitting posture...

From: Asthagiri Ravindran Chellappa Iyengar (
Date: Thu Mar 29 2001 - 21:31:37 PST

Dear members,

i had wanted to share this with u all as soon as i joined the list. however, i have remained without sharing it for resons which even i don't know.

In my town (Vellore), there is a colony, Gopalapuram. Here, there is a temple dedicated to Lord Srinivasa. i am able to understand from the bhattacharya (raja swami) that the temple has a history that dates back to several thousand years. it has been renovated and Lord Srinivasa with Sridevi and Boodevi have been placed in the sanctum sanctorium of the temple. the speciality: all three are in a sitting posture. 
i have not come across Lord Srinivasa in a sitting posture. If any of u have come across Lord Srinvasa in sitting posture, can u tell me where is it? 

recently (in the sense a few years ago), a sannadhi was built in this temple for Lord Hanumaan. At that time, a utsava moorthy was excavated (while laying the foundation). all poojas are performed well in this temple. 

seeking the blessings of one and all,

ravindran chellappa

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